Capital and Expertise

We are increasingly seeing that there are many individuals and businesses who have very good business ideas or commercial activities which are no longer seen as core or owners circumstances have changed

We can provide a bespoke service comprising of

  • Managing & Financing your business idea on a joint venture or guaranteed investment return basis allowing you as the entreprenuer the opportunity to see your idea or existing business turn into commercial reality without the stress and commercial risk of operating the venture yourself
  • Management of your existing business using our team of experienced professionals with either guaranteed income or joint venture allowing you to retain ownership without the day to day stress of operating your own business
  • Guaranteed Income Management Service . In todays ultra low rate of investment return, selling your business may generate you a capital sum but the ability to generate an income from this may be very difficult. We can turn your business into your source of long term income by operating the business on your behalf with guaranteed income and investment returns being delivered to you and your family members

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